A lot of musicians have the possibilities to make recordings of their own instrument at home, they write songs and make recordings in their project-studio. But if you want to record a complete band, it litteraly bursts your frame in space, room, organisation and money.

As a drummer, I equipped myself for drum-recordings (below you can see what equipment I work with), so if you need drum-recordings, I can do it for you without any additional expence.

The price is reasonable: for €100 I record one song for you. For bigger projects, we must discuss the cost.

The recordings will be professional, but if you wish, it's also possible to work together with a studio or a sound engineer. Beyond that I work with professional musicians, who could play the guitar or the bass for your recordings.

Just take a look and a listen or contact me right away, it'll be worth your while.


Toby plays Sonor Drums, Meinl Cymbals and Agner Sticks
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